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Disclaimer: I am an Airbus Employee and unable to compete in this challenge. This entry is to inspire people only.UPDATE 1 - Excel file (based on frame_sheet) for sizing and computation of mission performance now available!  What if an airship could fulfill most of challenge requirements? 19 m3 of Helium is all what it takes. Introducing the LREA, Long Range Electrical Airship, especially tailored for Airbus Drone Challenge. The design is based on modern, hybrid airship projects which have been baking for years in NASA and in big companies like Lockheed Martin. Design is simplicity to the max: gondola is a 3D-printed, lightweight monocoque piece with the equipment fixed in the upper part to reduce structural parts; Envelope doesn't contain balloonets, with natural negative buoyancy compensated with some lift from the hybrid design when it moves; using propellers when it hovers. And the best of all - it will not fall violently over people when fails! Stay safe, stay tuned: I will deliver more information (incl. those requirements that won't be met), a memo with some interesting math about airship sizing and a modified frame_sheet excel soon  Excel file for sizing and computation of mission performance now available! 
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