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Overview for UAF-07 SAVIOR

Today’s technology is watching us, helping us, and making our life even better. The explosion in drone technology seems to shows a future that one day humanity will rely on it. Introducing the UAF-07 Savior (UAF stands for Unmanned Air Freighter). Savior means someone who saves something or someone from danger, harm, failure, etc which is a suitable name for this UAV. Designed to satisfy the requirements  of Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge, Savior is cost effective, rugged, versatile and simple cargo UAV. Savior  was meant to be a new mode of air cargo transportation in the future. Easy and cost effective to manufacture using modern technology. It can be mass produced and to be operated in many countries. Simple modular design making it easy to carry out repair and maintenance. Using lightweight composite (carbon fiber) material and adapting modern airplane airframe construction making it an effective UAV to perform delivery task. Majority of the design is inspired by modern military transport aircraft such as C-130 Hercules. Savior able to perform cargo delivery to place where it is not practical for helicopter and aircraft to be used. Plus it is able to perform VTOL and conventional takeoff/landing. It is also designed to fly in moderate rain and crosswind. In place where traffic congestion is terrible such as city making delivery using motor vehicle is not efficient making Savior a best answer to solve this problem. For an exampleexample: when a doctor needs to send an important item such as vaccine or blood bag to other location immediately, the doctor can use Savior to make delivery within short time.With this many life can be saved. Ideal to be used in humanitarian mission (flood, earthquake, war and etc). With it’s long flying time and ability to perform VTOL,Savior can perform reconnaissance and cargo delivery at same time. Many unfortunate souls can be relieved with efficient delivery of medicine,equipment,food and etc using this UAV. FOR DETAILED INFOS,IMAGES,DIAGRAMS ETC you can refer to the files attachment (PDF and Excel  format) Thank you for your time!
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