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Overview for VTOL Flying X-Wing

My concept is the VTOL Flying X-wing. Approaching the problem of transportinga lot of cargo from the standpoint of aero efficiency, I looked tothe B2 stealth bomber in how it is able to store a large amount ofmass within its lifting body. Though flying wings require a lot ofcontrol surfaces to maintain stability for larger aircraft, Havingthe 4 lifting rotors mounted near the trailing edges of the wingsprovide extra maneuvering thrust for lateral turns, as well as extrathrust for when the UAV is transitioning into vertical flight. The main advantage of having the flyingwing split into an X is mainly for aerodynamic purposes. Havinglooked at similar flying wing-X shaped designs of which are solidbody shapes(where there wings cannot be folded) are simpler in theirconstruction as they have no moving parts. However VTOLS of thishybrid-wing-type spend most of there flight time cursing at theretarget altitude much like a regular aircraft of any other type, andthere extra wings which were so good at providing the verticaltakeoff are now mostly dead weight, only providing directionalstability. Having a flying wing has manyadvantages such as: having roughly ½ of the profile dragof a conventional aircraft, around 15% greater maximum speed, and around 20% greater distance ascompared to a conventional aircraft body shape. One issue with civilian UAV's taking onthe shape of a flying wing, is there dangerously minimal crosssection. One attribute in this design are the protruding wigletswhich give a valuable cross section to help the drone be seen on apilots radar. While having the 4 lifting rotors inparallel with the main pusher rotor would be inefficient if they wereall going at once (because more motors=more power drain), the factthat they are all on the same plane means that there can be moreversatility in power distribution during cruising flight. The 4 outermotors would turn off while cruising, only providing stabilizingthrust when needed. The main pusher rotor provides the bulk of thework while in cruising mode. The Power system are two modular battery packs which slide out of either side of the payload bay, which can be swapped out easily. The battery packs consist of the TATTU 1200mAh 22.2V 15/30C 6S1P Lipo Batterys. The flying wing has an advantage in its ability to generate more lift than a conventional configuration, (in a conventional takof), so there is plenty of extra room in the battery compartments to allow for a more battery capacity in longer missions with greater distances. Having a modular cargo system pairswell with this design, in that the bin blends in with the body,eliminating any secondary bulges which can impede aero performance,hindering efficiency. I paired a larger cargo bay which was roughly 3times the cargo minimum in area, taking inspiration from the AirbusBeluga. The design also includes a set of landing gear, for versatility in landing on a runway. The flying wing has so much ground effect/lifting area that it would even utilize the wing props for reverse thrust like a jet liner for super short bunny hops.  The modular design also helps to simplythe construction, in that the VTOL can be broken down into its basicmodular 6 components and fitted for transport in a truck, 4 wings,thorax, and cargo-bin. Lastly, while the flying X-wing is notthe simplest in its construction, it is unparalleled in its aeroefficiency. Hopefully the advantages of this configuration will beconsidered in VTOL aircraft designs not only in this competition, butfor all future aircraft, manned or unmanned.   
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