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Welcome to this 4th Sketchover! This week I'm collaborating with part9 around an Audi design he created. This Sketchover is a bit special to me as it is also my very first time using Autodesk SketchBook Pro instead of my usual Photoshop. If you're also interested in learning that software, this tutorial gives a very good overview of the basic tools.

Alright, let's get started!

1 / Underlay setup

Typical front, rear and top views are quite convenient to illustrate as they are for the most part symmetrical. The consequent down side is that the eye can easily spot any imperfections at a glance. Thankfully, this base sketch is pretty well executed to that regard so I randomly picked the passenger side a reference and hid the driver one.

2 / Sketch using symmetry

SketchBook Pro has a fantastic symmetry tool that mirrors in real time what you are doing on either side of an axis of symmetry that you define. It sounds like a simple feature but it really enhances the whole sketching experience!

3 / Colors

In order to work faster I decided to keep the symmetry feature "on" during most of the rendering process as well, but obviously it can be disabled at any given time.

All the sketching and coloring tools feel quite close to what can be experienced in real life with paper, pencil, marker, airbrush,... Thus, there's no time spent making pixel selections, everything is quick and intuitive.

In term of technique, the fundamentals remain the same as the ones already developed in Sketchover #3 (step 4) when it comes to interaction between the color of the car and the surrounding environment (shading, highlights, sky tone, reflections,...).

4 / Details refinement

It is as easy to refine small details as it is to color large areas. The brush puck and the color puck are very helpful to navigate between brush properties and colors.

Beyond being a reference to the initial sketch, the diagonal red stripe is also a good way to break the excessive symmetry of the drawing while creating some contrast with the green. It can also refer to the Audi S and RS Line.

5 / Color enhancement

A few more details later and a quick color adjustment done in Photoshop (how could I resist?), here is the end result... It's been a fun first experience in SketchBook Pro and I look forward to the next one!

As usual, feel free to post questions, feedback, (software) suggestions in the comments below.

Also, if you need help and feedback on a sketch OR if you want to help and give feedback, here is the place to go. You may be next week's "Sketchover"!



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