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Welcome to this 8th Sketchover Tutorial! This week, we will go the old fashion way with paper, markers, pencils and no Ctrl+Z!

First, I would like to thank spoon334 for the inspirational sketch he posted in the Sketch Bucket. Likewise, I want to thank Noelle Schuck for her help on the past few Sketchover Tutorials, her insight made a real difference!

1 / Sketch refinement

Spoon's initial design caught my attention because of the crazy proportions and the expressive front end. My first idea was to go for an Aston Martin / Lagonda GT theme but the roof line and rear end did not seem to flow in my first sketches. After conceding a few modifications, I realized the muscle car theme might be my best bet.

2 / Basic shading

First, I define my light source(s) and I roughly sketch out the horizon line running through the body. Then, I use a Cool Gray #1 marker (AD Chartpak in this example) to define a very basic shading. The very low contrast is good enough to evaluate the overall consistency, while leaving flexibility to correct any mistake. Feel free to refer to the Sketchover #6 for more information about the theory of reflection of light.

3 / Colors

Here starts the serious business! I typically test, select and organize all my markers ahead of time. Thus, I am able to switch very quickly from a color to another one which helps controlling the blending of the different inks (six different shades of blue in that case). As a side advice, if you can only get a few markers, build your collection around multiple shades of a limited set of hues instead of getting a sporadic selection of too many different and unrelated colors (you may thank me later).

I pick yellow as an accent color for windows and headlights...

Following my light sources, I keep increasing the contrast around the front wheel and consequently create some atmospheric depth around the farthest parts of the car. It is important to maintain at all times a good balance between the white of the paper and the darker inks.

4 / Sketch consolidation

As the base pencil sketch faded during the coloring process, it is necessary to reinforce the structure of the drawing and refine some details. To do so, I use pens (ball point / Sharpie)...

... as well as colored pencils.

Finally, I add some spots of white gouache paint to fix mistakes and bring back a few touches of brightness into the rendering.

As usual, feel free to post questions, feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

Also, if you need help and feedback on a sketch OR if you want to help and give feedback, here is the place to go. You may be next week's "Sketchover"!




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