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Overview for POD Phoenix Omnimode Drone

We designed POD specifically for the cargo use case, but due to the requirements of the challenge the resulting SLT design could be utilized for much more than just cargo. Our concept has provisions for a multipurpose payload bay with space for additional sensor payload like LiDARs, Camera gimbals, air quality sensors, etc.  Design Principles for POD: 1. POD was designed from scratch around the Cargo use case. This is heavily pronounced in its appearance and function.  2. Dangerous parts (primarily propellers) are kept away from the user to allow safe, stress free interaction with POD. 3. In addition to a parachute, POD can also deploy small airbags located on the nose of the fuselage to facilitate a more controlled landing. This is especially useful if the payload is fragile and/or sensitive, e.g. blood sample or advanced optical sensors. 4. VTOL and forward flight propulsion systems are fully independent and can be decoupled at hardware level, i.e. POD can be used as a conventional airplane or multi-rotor by detaching the respective hardware components. 5. Modular structure of the wings and rotor booms allows for easy maintenance and transport.  6. POD has a multi-purpose payload bay. It is easily accessible from top for the standard cargo box but can also be opened from beneath the drone for carrying sensors or other measurement equipment. For survey or inspection missions extra battery packs can be placed inside the primary cargo bay for longer endurance. 7. Based on designs of existing popular mid to long range drones and range/performance requirements of ACDC, we decided to implement a V-tail. (The wing/tail designs are based on the proven AAI Aerosonde platform). This configuration leads to lower drag and fewer parts with the added benefit of better ground clearance for landing in cluttered, uneven environments. V-tail airplanes are not very well suited for acrobatic maneuvers, but that's definitely not the purpose of ACDC. 8. The drone has a friendly and approachable design accompanied with an interactive display which shows relevant information to the operator/user about the status of the drone and mission. Please refer to the upload section for more details in the design booklet.  
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