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   Ever since unmanned aircrafts have entered service, providing  intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and now strike capability, the question that continues to be raised is “What other capabilities can unmanned aircraft provide ?”    There is a need for an affordable, cargo drone that can provide aid  to  the populations of both developed and least developed nations worldwide when natural disasters, uprisings, refugee crisis and conflicts occur.   Chiroptera will be the work horse and back bone of military forces and civilian organizations with its simple,  innovative design, easy maintenance and mission flexibility features.    Bats were the main design inspiration of mine during this process. They are unmistakable. No mammals other than bats have true wings and flight. Bat wings are modified forelimbs, much as are bird wings, except in the case of bats the flight surface is covered with skin and supported by four fingers. The flight membrane usually extends down the sides of the body and attaches to the hind legs. This layout maintains the center of gravity between the wings, making flight more efficient.
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