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KOJAN-1 is a cargo UAV witch ability to VTOL and normal plane flight. Its fuselage length is 2,8 m and wing span 2,9 m. It has five propellers one for both cruise and hover and other four for vertical flight. Maximum speed is 50 m/s. Wings Clark Y airfoil, forward-swept wing to improve lift, maneuverability and reduce drag. Two propellers for hover will be hidden inside wings during horizontal flight by bay doors. Each wing will have 2 modules.  Fuselage Fuselage has five modules: control module, propellers module, wings module, cargo module and tail. Propeller module has two 15 inch propellers hidden inside like those in wings. Landing gear Tricycle landing gear made from spring steel or duralumin, with ability VTOL and normal plane take off and landing.  Others To control drone during cruise are canards and V-tail to reduce drag and weight of plane.
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