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Entry: Mars-Genesis & Mawrth-Integra: Interplanetary Design

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The exploration of Mars has taught us a lot about our solar system, and even more about our own planet, Earth. As we get closer to developing the technology that is needed to take us there, the question of what the first humans on Mars will inhabit and how they will traverse the planet are at the forefront of discussion. Blue Shift Industries has taken to task these questions and will focus on how semi-autonomous architecture and the construction of an early colonization infrastructure network can aid in the growth of humans on Mars. Inspired by NASA’s Journey to Mars initiative, Mars-Genesis demonstrates how semi- autonomous architecture can be packable, expandable, and protected by 3-D printed in situ Martian regolith. Early pioneers of Mars will be subject to many physical constraints, one of the most chronic and deadly being solar radiation. A sustainable Martian mission will take the required precautions to keep astronauts safe. Barrier thickness and material variables were considered during Mars-Genesis research phase. Our in situ sourced barriers will be dependent upon nearby geologic resources. Mars-Genesis anticipates local aluminosilicates and magnesium oxides to be paramount materials when constructing the first Martian structures. When lacking in available resources, ice or a hydrogel synthesis can be formed via 3-D printing capabilities. Mars- Genesis looks to produce an integrated system of structures and utilities that will allow humans to survive on the Red Planet for an extended period of time. The Mars-Genesis HAB model is a scalable fractal framework, influential to galactic architectural systems and surface protection from total solar irradiance. Inspired by HP’s Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge, Mawrth-Integra imagines urban growth of the first Martian settlement and proposes a multi-use vehicle fleet that will construct essential in situ infrastructure for moving humans, supplies, and raw materials across the Mawrth Vallis region (25°N, 340°E). Utilizing a systematic, yet malleable, fractal unit framework, Martian colonies can be designed as priorities dictate. The Mawrth-Integra Fleet is the next step in developing inhabited colonies in close proximity to points of valuable interest within the region (e.g. mining, permafrost, climate proxies, urban expansion). The transportation fleet offers an extended distance methane-propulsion carrier, internal-urban track transit, and a semi-autonomous regolith road paver. Early settlement colony-to-colony and internal-urban transport networks will stem from the service which the Mawrth-Integra fleet provides. As martian labor forces continue to arrive and seasonally rotate, ease of transportation allows for analytical allocation of human resources, food, and energy. A connected Mawrth Vallis is the foundation for human expansion across Mars; Mawrth-Integra aims to accomplish this goal.  *Final update as of 10-23-17 8:30AM EST*
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