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Jannah City Louth

  • This is the plan for a Martian settlement in the Louth crater in the northern Martian hemisphere.

  • The crater Louth was the chosen location for this project for its location the polar caps as well as its own glacial formations – factors that would provide the colony with resources like water and dry-ice, essential to human survival. The crater’s shape is also used as shelter against powerful winds and sandstorms.

  • The city itself consists of the living and recreational quarters inside the crater itself covered by a large windowed dome shielding the habitable inside form the harsh Martian environment.
    Encompassing it is the ‘service zone’ an area dedicated the storage and processing of resources like water, fuel and food. The area is constructed of tightly packed Martian soil covered by a thin layer of concrete to provide additional stability.
    Outside of this zone are the external facilities like the communications arrays, water treatment plants and landing zones for interplanetary transport.
    Additional peripheral settlements rely on artificial craters and excavation zones as base.

  • Jannah City borrows the name of and Eden-like garden described in Islamic texts, which given the utopian setting in a dessert environment among the stars seems appropriate. 

PS: This is a still GPU render using Unreal Engine 4 in the "Architecture/Civil Engineering" category, I seem to have some trouble with the tags so bear with me :P 

All models and textures/materials are original and made for this specific project :)

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