Overview for LRUP Vehicle

Work-In-Progress! To do list:

  • UV map the LRUP - FINISHED!
  • Bake and texture the LRUP in Substance Painter
  • Bake and texture the spacesuit in Substance Painter
  • Add lighting to vehicle, spacesuit, and buildings
  • Animate vehicle and building lights (time permitting)
  • Add dust and sand FX elements (time permitting)

The LRUP (Long Range Universal Platform) is a heavy-duty Mars vehicle renowned for it's flexibility.  On top of it's large cargo-carrying capacity, the LRUP serves as both a mobile base and laboratory, as well as having the capacity for transforming into a repair center.

My entry uses 600v's nicely designed LRUP model that he kindly provided for the challenge.  Here it is depicted alongside my space suit in preparation for the next journey. My vision of the future Martian landscape includes both surface and underground locations, here depicted with a hillside doorway entry and various surface buildings (sourced from KitBash3d).

For the Mars landscape, I purposely strayed away from the more dull, flat, and empty reddish grounds of Mars and settled for a more colorful, hilly, and rocky environment often seen in images taken by Curiosity.

UPDATE: I'm down to the wire so I'm aiming to get a still image done before the deadline. Going to have to take some shortcuts! 

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