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After reading the needs of this challenge, I decided that the solution to the problems happened by proposing an aircraft that can take off and land vertically and not as a Multirotor with wings, as extreme efficiency is needed because of the range necessary work and must carry payload.Clarified this situation, I always had in mind to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects, such as aerodynamics, structural, and also materials, as well as to be easy to manufacture, repair, with broad accessibility to electronic components, servos , motors and batteries. I search for a balance between all the factors involved in the flight of this type of apparatus, trying to overcome my limitations for being a novice in these types of developments, there is certainly a lot to work on and improve, but I think that as a general idea about to put to everything in its place. This project is a flying wing with lift rotors included in the thickness of the wing. I developed an elevator system for the payload, because it considers it necessary not to drop the payload, a height that could damage objects that are inside the container, but if you can release the payload from a height of about 350 mm, it could simplify this system to reduce extra weight and add it to the batteries to achieve additional autonomy.I also considered necessary a system of manual loading and unloading, ensuring greater flexibility in use. In what has to with the aerodynamic performance, I have tried to minimize drag and has put the control surfaces needed to achieve a stable flight.To achieve this purpose, I designed a fuselage that is integrated into the wings, also providing lift to the whole and generate a clean surface, avoiding generated turbulence and drag.As an example the camera is integrated to the wing fuselage, without generating turbulence or drag. All avionics and electronics are grouped in a single module, easy access to make quick and easy repairs.The batteries are arranged in two packages, in order to balance the whole and representing 25% of the total weight, are located at equidistant places the center of gravity of the aircraft.The batteries are easily accessible for replacement in case of exhaustion and also in case of need to carry change by more or less payload. The fuselage is composed of an aluminum structure, since within this concentrates approximately 75% of the total weight of the plane. Besides that is the point of junction with wings therefore should be resistant to the weight and the loads of the wings. The landing gear comprises four support legs.
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