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Entry: Martian Logistics Co. - Animation Promo

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Overview for Martian Logistics Co. - Animation Promo

Category: Civil Engineering Animated Render GPU 

Renderer: Octane

We imagined a scenario where Mars has been inhabited a few hundred years ago. At this time, only industrial transportation was available but as colonization has advanced, Mars also became a tourist attraction.

Martian Logistics Co. saw the opportunity and - having been transporting workforce to Mars for the last 50 years -  now has the infrastructure to transport civilians as well.

The following video and pdf brochure shows a glimpse of these exotic times, when the first civilians could visit the Red Planet.


The windmill concept and the rover used in the video are provided by

Hembramone ( )

ksanjayreddy817 ( )

NASA ( )

Soundtrack : Post Drone by Uuriter ( )



Csaba Molnár (concept, modeling, smoke simulation, animation, texturing, ligthing, rendering, post production)

Krisztián Kis (concept, graphic design, modeling, texturing, rendering, rigging)


Software used:
Autodesk Fusion 360, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Fuse, Adobe Photoshop, Otoy Octane 

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