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                 We design “Crater City on Mars” for sustainable and satisfying life of 1million even though environment on Mars is severe to live. There are two benefit of Crater City including safety and simple construction. Crater City enables to protect city from sandstorm and radiation using water wall. To construct, Citizen build only ceiling supported by the symbolic tower, and Crater City enables to keep enough air to respiration and adjust temperature.                 Crater City is composed by two main features including sustainable environment with interesting buildings. Tree on Mars, the symbolic tower located on the center of the city, functions as administrative institution, a mono rale station and shopping mole. In addition, Tree indicates symbol of culture for sightseeing such as sakura in Japan, so citizen interact without difference of culture. Residence are located in the edge of root of Tree. Citizen use cars, moving walkway and shipments with fuel cell for moving. Farmers use hydroponic farm.                             Moreover, mechanism which supports citizen is comfortable and sustainable. For enough oxygen to live, Green curtain surrounds the city and many plants are prepared. Also, hydroelectricity known as clean energy generates electricity.  Curiosity change the world.Petal delivery => https://launchforth.io/Curiosi...
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