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Having a disability does not necessarily mean to be physically inactive. Manual wheelchairs have done a good job so far allowing users to have active lifestyles beside being affordable and feasible. But there is no denying that the way they look is in itself a label of disability. Time has come for mobility devices to replace wheelchairs. BEE is a mobility device that aims to sustain the advantages of traditional manual wheelchairs but with much care to addressing functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. With a form that follows function, the product is designed to be user-friendly and comfortable in the first place. And despite the free-form look, it is planned to be affordable and manufactured using existing everyday technologies. BEE is offering more than function and convenience for users; it is a boost and a stimulus to be more active and more out there. With its form, it’s putting aside the demoralizing effect of regular wheelchairs, helping users to break through their disconcertment to a more fulfilling independent life.
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