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Entry: Martian Hybrid Power Plant VR Experience(Real-time executable)

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Overview for Martian Hybrid Power Plant VR Experience(Real-time executable)

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In future ,the red dot on sky will be a habitat for humankind. It will be a great feat for science when the first step of human imprint will lay on the dusty red sand of Mars. Major development in science have made us believe that, the day is not far when the first human borne spaceship will leave earth to Mars laying step stone for the beginning of intergalactic transportation in human history. 

On Mars human's first need will be energy. The planet will be only habitable if need of energy can be replenished. From the knowledge about the environment of planet till now, we can assume that the first source of energy will be solar power. But as it is farther than earth from sun, the maximum solar irradiance on Mars is about 590 W/m2 compared to about 1000 W/m2 at the Earth's surface.But still we can harvest energy ,but at the half rate as of on Earth.
Density of Mars atmosphere is 1% of the Earth's atmosphere and  pressure is very low ,around 0.6% of Earth's. So we can not harvest much wind energy at normal condition on Mars. So on normal condition solar will be the only source of energy.

But a period of time as long as 4 to 6 month in earth year within one Martian year(687 days) when solar energy will be obsolete. It is the period when dust storm occurs, and it happens planet wide for around 6 months. These dust storms restricts sunlight to reach on Mars surface ,thus solar energy system will stay hibernated. 

As on Mars energy will be one of our important requirements for survival, I here present a hybrid power plant, which can provide Martian continuous supply of power. Everything on Mars made by human will require electricity, consistent supply is important. This powerplant can produce power under sun as well as from storm, thus there will be no power outage ever on Mars.

Models are designed using-

Cinema4d, Autodesk Inventor

Scene created in-

Unreal Engine 4

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