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Entry: Shielding and Harnessing energy from Mars Dust-Storms

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Overview for Shielding and Harnessing energy from Mars Dust-Storms

In the beginning, the first and only source of energy for the first earthlings will be solar. Till now the solar panel is the only effective device we have developed to produce electricity directly from sunlight. But it will be inefficient during the large dust storms which cover the whole Mars and makes it difficult to reach the sunlight on Martian surface. Also, the dust particles are charged, thus prone to stick on the surface of the solar panel thus decreasing its effective area. Thus during storm and post-storm time untill every solar panel is dusted, Martians can suffer an energy crisis. Here, an idea has been suggested to keep harnessing energy during the storm from an alternative source. The energy source of this machine will be the storm itself and the device of energy extraction is the Vertical axis Magnus spiral Windmill. It runs using the principle of Magnus effect, which states "A spinning object that drags air faster around one side, creating a difference in pressure due to which a force is exerted on rapidly spinning cylinder or sphere moving through air in a direction at an angle to the axis of spin." This effect is responsible for the swerving of balls when hit or thrown with spin. This concept is used to design the rotors of the Mars Magnus spiral Wind turbine.The spiral rotor in it will be strong enough to survive the strong dust storm unlike the conventional turbine blades which are vulnerable to the high speed winds. It also does not require any yawing mechanism thus independent of the direction of wind flow. And in future, if we are able to harness energy efficiently from lightning, then it can be used in these mills which will store energy from thunder during the dust storm, which occurs frequently. If these windmills are arranged in an appropriate manner around a future martian city, this farm will harness energy as well as decrease the damaging effect of the storm and weaken the storm while it approaches the city.Mars_Storm_wind_turbine.pdfMars Windmill.objMars_Windmill.mtl
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