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The year is 1967, Sir John Roy Robert Searl has successful completed another public demonstration of his Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV) “LevityDisc”,  in the small British town of Warminster, for the World to look-up and see the future, even though it was mistakenly unidentified!

Sir John’s ingenius invention of imprinting a magnetic sine wave around cylinders of specific layered materials, using proportions as determined by his “Law of Squares” mathematical matrix, enabling the apparatus to magnetically attract and compress to super-conductive, ambient heat energy, as it coherently focuses then releases it back into the environment after doing work; similar in principal to a hydro-electric dam, only with friction-less magnetic bearings contained within a vacuum bubble, as created by the Searl Effect, that also produces an inverse gravity repulsion.

Fast forward 50 years to the present day, October 13, 2017, and HP Mars Home Planet Urbanization Plan for one million inhabitants, living in the pursuit of happiness, at the first Martian metropolis, “MawrthDinas”, located at 24d37’00”N, 20d00’00”W, upon a plateau of Mawrth Vallis, on the planet Mars, where Searl Effect BigBoyDrones are transporting Martians and goods everywhere.

This site is an alternative location 60 km northwest of the rocky site identified in the “Urbanization Challenge”, to a relatively smooth and level terrain of hardened clays more suitable for development,  in a region where wind-blown silty sands and clay materials have accumulated in surrounding craters, and are readily accessible for automated 3-d printing adobe-like, regolith shell cosmic radiation barriers, to encase Modular Assembly Reusable Structure (MARS), pressurized pneumatic habitation cylinders.

The MARS modules are 150’ diameter x 150’ long pneumatic membrane cylinders, connected together with ridged structural rings, 150’ diameter at 150’ spacing, that enable various floor level configurations, within expanded tubular volumes that form concentric hexagonal rings and vertical towers, comprising continuous interior habitable environments that contain all utilities, to establish the infrastructure of MawrthDinas.

MawrthDinas’ architecture and hexagonal form consisting of standard MARS modules with varied and complex interior volumes for habitation, commerce, industrial, administrative and recreational use, etc., provide an ultra-efficient means for communication and connectivity by enabling a uniform indexed identification address for every location, to automate computer access to the associated information and create a Smart City system of linked meta data with universal coordinates for autonomous travel.

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