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MawrthDinas (MARScity) Summary MawrthDinas (MARScity) is located on a plateau of Mawrth Vallis, 60 km northwest of the rocky site identified in this “Urbanization Challenge”, to a relatively smooth and level terrain of hardened clays more suitable for development, in a region where wind-blown silty sands and clay materials have accumulated in surrounding craters, that are readily accessible for use in automated 3-d printing adobe-like, regolith shell cosmic radiation and thermal barriers, formed to encase Modular Assembly Reusable Structure (MARS), pressurized pneumatic cylinders, that comprise the city’s habitable volumes and infrastructure for one million inhabitants. MawrthDinas’ architecture and hexagonal form consisting of expandable MARS modules with varied and complex interior volumes for residential, commercial, industrial, administrative and recreational use, etc., provide an ultra-efficient geometry for distributing utilities, and means for connectivity, by enabling a uniform indexed identification address for every location, to automate computer access to the associated information, and create a Smart City system of linked meta data with universal coordinates for autonomous travel and navigation.
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