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Task: Side Mirror Selection


In order to keep production costs down, it always helps to source certain parts from available sources. It can be difficult to match certain aesthetic parts with the styling of the design, and in this case we are talking about side mirrors. Ideally, a post mount style (as opposed to an A-pillar mount) would be ideal. Possible solutions can be either OEM derived, or from and aftermarket supplier. Cost is always a factor, but so is styling.


Please post a picture of your solution, cost and a link so we know where to find it!

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I think that we should work hard to integrate this into the design on the car, and therefore print this as part of the structure. a Big mirror with convexity also would be most refreshing, also perhaps no moving parts! The point is that the current side view mirrors are built separately largely because they simply cannot be part of the door or fender given that way stamping works. Lets not assume that we should do the same. It creates more interfaces and more areas for failure.


Why isn't the 3D printed car being made like a kit? Like a jeep, you can buy everything from new seats to new doors, and you buy it from their website like one giant add on kit. I don't mean do this to the whole thing, I mean imagine its a phone you can buy parts for online that have been damaged/lost/worn out. Make the mirrors not only detachable, but work it into the frame so the mirrors can be latched into the side of the frame. Make them sleek but have an ability to latch into the side of the car and still adjust like a key that needs to be unlatched to come off.


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Hello! A simple beginning in Onshape (in red)! Updated in plum!


Mount cameras on each side in place of the mirrors (like backup camera that are common on new care) and mount the visual screens just inboard of the A-pillar. No more parasitic drag from side view mirrors


From what I've read in the legislation Tony provided, it doesn't mention that the mirror should be "flexible". Meaning that when hitting another object (cyclist, wall,...), it would deflect. At least, I didn't come across that requirement. So there is no objection in printing it in the curvature of the body. That would remotely end up looking like a DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen MAsters) mirror.

Imagine this sharper edged in line with Strati design.


You should make a housing for a Camera for the side view mirror. With the advancement in camera tech that should be a cheep and efficient way to have a mirror. All you would need is a camera and a power source with a cable back to your display. No mechanical parts needed and less to break or repair if something went wrong.


In accordance with your parameters of finding existing, budget friendly solutions to tasks, I have found a side mirror which both solves the problems of aerodynamics & since the unit is pre-made cost would be minimal. This design has been proven to save up to 5 mpg, and fits well withe the concept design. Cameras are an interesting notion, but costly & subject to failure.

Example : Ecomodder


McLaren offers an exceptional solution to this task.

Increased levels of safety and refinement for the driver are foremost.