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Overview for MCD - Modular Cargo Drone

MCD (Modular Cargo Drone): - modular construction for multiple purposes and ease of transportation - easy to assemble/ disassemble and maintain - Snapfits to lock and unlock the different parts (easy and well known system + 3d-printable solution which can be completely integrated in all parts)  - 2x4 direct drive lift rotors/propeller (in case one propeller stops working the drone is still able to continue its flight) - 2 propellers for forward flight - port on the top for an easy access to the delivery - port on the bottom for a complete exchange of the delivery - tapered straight wings for short distance and low speed - twin tails as vertical stabilizers - integrated see-through camera port in the front - detachable Cover in the back for the Flight-Termination-Launcher - detachable Cover in the middle for the Flight-Termination-Parachute - inductive charging in the Home-station (induction pads integrated in the feet and the base) - exchangeable batteries - self contained feet and tube-housing for a very high protection of the payload - rounded rectangle section (40x40cm) - closed body for waterproofness - antennas mounted on the upper part of the external add-on at the forward aircraft section - Payload near the aircraft center of gravity - Payload-dimension (450x350x300mm) - Inner structure: Honeycomb structure - MTOM < 20kg - it is difficult to say where my inspiration came from. the design of the aircraft is a result of the configuration and needs of the aircraft and the interaction with the user. the main point was to design a clear and understandable shape so that everybody is able to assemble or disassemble the aircraft, maintain it, exchange the battery and especially take out the delivery without losing time. it is supposed to be so modular in order to change the configuration immediately so that it fits to your desires. - Update 31.05.2016 - Battery - as a battery i suggest the Lithium-Ion-Battery NiteCoreNC-18650/34 with 3400mAh or 233Wh/kg and the dimensions of 7x1,8x1,8cm (a screenshot is attached as a file; unfortunately the page is only available in german, but the main technical data are still understandable) - i reserved space for the batteries in the front and in the back with the dimensions of 25x25x11cm, so that you are able to place theoretically up to 150 batteries on each side (300 in total). But regarding the maximum weight of the battery, an amount of about 65 batteries on each side (130 in total > 7,02kg) are more realistic. - i chose Lithium-Ion-Batteries instead of Lithium-Polymer-Batteries, which are a little bit more efficient than Lithium-Ion-Batteries, because they do not have such a high range of working temperature (Lithium-Ion-Battery > -30°C - +60°C vs. Lithium-Polymer-Battery > 0°C - +50°C)- Update 4.6.2016 - Wingspani updated the correct dimension of the wingspan from 4,9m to 4,3m in the MCD - ACDC Ignition Kit 2.0 and on slide 4, which is now the last one
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