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Overview for LM/A-01 Inca Tern

General inspiration for design The idea for this concept came from a payload centered approach. While the requirements state that the payload shall be accessible from the bottom, which is easier to automate, automatic loading will not be available when you want to the use the airplane for example in remote rural areas and have higher flexibility operating it. This leads to the fact that you will have an inexperienced user loading or unloading the airplane. When looking at existing configurations the hover propellers are most of the time in the same plane as the fuselage. So if an inexperienced user is unloading the aircraft, as a designer I do not want him or her to crouch next to the fuselage with the propeller close to his or her face and trying to get the payload out from the bottom. Unloading the airplane from the top is therefore the safer option. As you also want the payload in the center of gravity of the plane the configuration most suitable for this is a canard configuration (this rationale inspired Rutan to design the Solitaire). While in a normal wing/tail configuration static pitch stability dictates that your wing’s neutral point is close to the center of gravity and therefore over the payload when you require accessibility from the bottom, a canard configuration makes it possible to shift the wing back while having still static pitch stability, accessibility from the top and all surface generating lift. The additional benefit is that the canard will stall first on this configuration which makes the aircraft harder to stall. The design was inspired by the Rutan Solaire and VariEze / Long-EZ.     Next to the payload centered approach range is key in this challenge, meaning to maximize Lift over Drag, which means in cruise condition to minimize drag, which leads to a high wing aspect ratio and wing loading. A design guide with all details will be attached for downloading.
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