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Codename: Snowflake The main inspiration for this design came from the shapes of nature, snow crystals in particular. Layout is based on hexagon shape, which was chosen because of its inner stability and six is the guiding number of the project. Six are the rotors: four for VTOL and two for horizontal thrust. Six are the fixed wings: two main ones and four winglets for stabilizing purposes. Six are the blades in propellers for hover, twelve in the ducted fans. Six are the points of contact with the ground: the four bottom winglets and two wheels. The shapes of an airplane have been mixed with some drones' features. For safety and aerodynamics four rings surround the four main propellers. Four secondary wings join them to the fuselage, providing some extra wing area. Two ducted fans on the lower side of the main wing provide the required thrust for cruise. The tail fin marks a typical configuration with the two rear winglets (reverse Y). The body can be disassembled in three main sections, plus the main wing extremities. Each section contains two rotors, a battery pack, and the main equipment. The central section houses the cargo bay and the loading/unloading system. When disassembled, all the parts can be transported by average sized people and stored in an area smaller than 4sqm with an height of less than a meter.Motors for hover: Hacker A50-L Turnado Ed. 530 V3Motors for cruise: EDF 5052 kv500 (note: ducted fans displayed in the design images are bigger than 120 mm of diameter)Further technical details as shown in design images. Battery pack specifications are shown in the attached file.
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