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Overview for Subvectio - 3D Printed Drone

21/05/2016 - Updated pictures, Added deliverable in PDF format

20/05/2016 - Updated and final Frame sheet, Updated description

Tandem fixed wing to reduce wing span and keep a good aspect ratio.

3D printed modular fuselage structure reinforced with carbon rods to simplify prototyping and add modularity

Lift rotor supported by a bar parallel to the fuselage to reduce drag in forward flight and add strength to the wing, also the rotor are place to reduce drag in cruise

Optimized fuselage shape to contribute in lift, reduce drag impact and maximize cargo and battery space.

Front wing more loaded than back wing (Because of down wash from front wing and to keep natural stability, front wing will stall before)

Could have even folding wing for trans-portability and easy to change configuration or remove rotor bar to gain in range

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