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Multi (news at the bottom and last pictures) Fleet: MercuryHermesGaussHornetJoyFerry, Multi Focusing on larger and/or heavier cargo and ease for modularity and light structure, the MultiDrone can adapt to several configurations. In light blue are the components and cargo dimensions that are required as minimum for this challenge. It just needs the V tail in the same color.In dark blue it is shown the possible dimension of a larger payload bay (with it's corrected CG), that will need the attachment of the rear tail to stabilize the UAV delaying the NP. The other effect applies to the position of the rear lifter motors, which will be also changed with the whole rear bars that go from wing to tail, thus correcting the change of the CG position. This way it can carry a bigger payload and still be stable in hover and cruise. The boosted version (a bit far from reality, frame sheet values in attached .xls) uses higher energy density batteries and a lighter empty weight. It can carry up to 10 kg of payload to 100 km at 100 km/h. The secret for carrying heavier payload is a lighter structure made out of carbon fiber plates thanks to the rectangular section of the MultiDrone. The motors can be changed from U10 to U13 and they can hold 51 in props. This is another versatility idea for bigger payloads but shorter ranges. 1. V-tail, small motors+props = less than the required payload or less range/autonomy, minimum stabilization (the one in the 3 view plan). 2. Change to PI-shaped tail, usual payload weight and size, required range, better stabilization. 3. Apart from extra tail, bigger hover props and motors (T-motor 13) (the first image and other renders). 4. Boosted version, taking advantage of a lighter structure (but more expensive) and more efficient batteries for a wide envelope of operations. The rest of information (structural concepts, landing gear, battery swapping, safety provisions...) is the same as in Mercury or Hermes (already validated, as Gauss, Hornet, Joy and Ferry). Those complete briefs go attached here for help in validation.  Every value and concept is chosen for a reason and they are obtained with formulas from aerospace engineering guidelines, but adding all that would reduce clarity. Being the last Sergius' entry to arrive, it comes with all the Cargo Team together set up in the loading station (car bots with telescopic arms move along rails, carrying the standardized payload bays for each model from below (each one on its landing module) and they include the fresh recharged batteries that attach to the power system in each UAV with 3 magnetic connectors. Everything automated. There is room for the station staff where they can inspect special cargo modules and carry out maintenance. AND some pictures of rapid prototyping of a scaled cargo UAV (not finished):  - 3 mm laser-cut plywood frames and decks joined with white glue (good alternative to CFRP for lighter models) - High specific strength wire-cut blue foam for the aerodynamic surfaces reinforced with CFRP bar (edges covered by high strength tape) and white foam for the fuselage cover (instead of fiberglass) sticked with white silicone and velcro. - Homemade CFRP bar acting as the main spar - Fiberglass landing gear screwed to the wooden deck with foam wheels - Translucent plastic nose dome (from Go Discover FPV EPO plane)
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