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Overview for The Domes And The Library

I am ZMKF. Instead of designing an entire city, I came up with the main structures that would be used in building it. The Domes are for human habitation and lifestyle-related uses. Homes, larger apartment complexes, and schools all exist within the Domes. The Library is for acquiring knowledge and entertaining oneself and others. Drawings of the Domes are attached. There are many different types of Domes to be based on Mars, the differences in design depending on their function. I decided to draw the Home and School domes. All the Domes are made of many alternating layers of fiberglass and glass block. The resulting Dome would be thick and strong, and it would let a lot of light in. As much light as possible is important for maintaining a comfortable temperature in otherwise – 63˚C “air.” The Domes would also have efficient air circulation and inner heaters. There would be a separate, smaller “maintenance” Dome every few larger Dome. These maintenance Domes would regulate and grow the water and atmosphere with Water Plants – machines and methods that create pure water out of Hydrogen and Oxygen – and Oxygen Plants – machines and methods that separate pure oxygen from more complex molecules and release it into the air – and the growing of cyanobacteria.     Rather than say every School Dome must look the same, I invented and designed the first Martian School as an example of unique architecture: Ruby 1, teaching grades Kindergarten through 5th. Ruby 1 will teach young Martian citizens the “Earth sciences” (planetary sciences) and arts, starting with the basics such as language, geology, drawing, game playing, and early math. Ruby 1 has five main buildings, all brick buildings painted a deep ruby red, which correspond to the learning grades it offers, as seen in the illustration. The large playground, labeled “PL,” forms a ring around the grades’ 1 & 2 buildings. There are maple, birch, and elm trees planted around the playground and buildings, and along with the playground equipment, art and sculptures also exist on the school grounds.     For the Home Dome, I attached an illustration of a very generic example Home Dome. The Homes are basic square-with-triangle-for-roof shapes, comprised of an inner layer of compressed Martian clay, a middle layer of steel, and an outer layer of to-be-determined wood type. Martian clay is very strong, and the Mawrth Vallis region is rich in clay. In the illustration I mentioned something called an Inner Mirror Light Shaft. Inner Mirror Light Shafts are like really long skylights made of glass block, with mirrors alternating every so often throughout the Light Shaft so that the light reaches as far down the Shaft as possible.       The Library’s design is based off of a ziggurat, an ancient Sumerian architectural style of building. Ziggurats in the past were used as temples and palaces. There is no image attached because it would not be my original work, and the only modifications to the original ziggurat style would be elevators near the large stairs in the front, to make it accessible for people who don’t like stairs or use wheelchairs. The Library has many Inner Mirror Light Shafts. There are some computer areas on the ground floor, but the Library is mostly filled with books like a good proper library. The Library would be covered in glass block a half a mile over all the building as to not let any air out, sort of like its own outlining Dome. Like the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the flat surfaces of the ziggurat would be covered in plants. The Library would sponsor the “Children of Novel and Essay,” kids from the surrounding schools who, while the schools would already be progressive, loosely scheduled, and career/interest based, simply wish to learn by “living” in the library and reading and sitting outside among the plants all day. I have a blog, at, on which I talk about science and politics.     Homes’ Design inspired in part by: and  My Mars Plan Pinterest Board:

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