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Olli lite is a multi-utility Island mobility solution for local dwellers and tourists. 

The entry consists of a research on Barbados, an Island country. The Inspiration is drawn majorly from Local Motors Olli. The manufacturing technology proposed is something that has the potential to decentralized the manufacturing up to a great level i.e additive manufacturing.

Depending upon the usage, 45-70Kwh battery underneath it's skateboard will do justice to Olli. Charging stations will provide charging services.  

It is equipped with a detachable solar panel that will charge the car remotely as well albeit at much slower rate. Further, regenerative breaking will add to efficiency. 

It is equipped with hub motors in all it's wheels and can be used in both 2WD mode as well as 4WD mode.

Skid Steering system makes Olli lite maneuver with a great flexibility. Non pneumatic tyres makes olli face negligible wear and tear due to skid steers.   

EVs are still niche and private ownership of a new technology is quite risky for the owners. To minimize the risk, Olli lite is available on either subscription basis or rental basis along with a strong road assistance service. 

Olli lite has both, autonomous and manual driving modes and has eliminated the concept of a professional driver in order to provide a private space.  

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