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This Drone already Flies, on having  1/3 Wingspan of Pou Du Ciel (1965) by French Engineer Henry Mignet. Transportable like an hospital cart 90cm high and 125cm long to fit into an elevator. Flanks with handles to carry/push, and once the payload bay is charged by the bottom, the PDE (Pou D'Espace) is turned backward on a stable position for its vertical takeoff, hover, cruising, landing.  Even if not required by the AIRBUS ACDC, the PDE can leave from an airway carrying more weight and safety land like an aircraft. It has carbon fiber structural flanks which act as fixed vertical direction planes. Once flying horizontally, the rear propellers stop and direction and height is maintained through the front variable speed ones. Rear Propellers are asymmetric with faired counterweight to balance the half propeller: in this way the propellers do not create drag on cruising and stay in position without wobbling. For comparative data, please Checkout Spreadsheet in attach. DR ALDO GRIPPALDI GRAVITIS Contacts:BROOXVia D'Azeglio 548121 Ravenna Italyemail
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