visibility_off Progress Update – Speedy CT Image Delivery

Project Updates

The Speedy CT Image Delivery Challenge wrapped up last month with three winners. This was our first challenge as Fuse, and we were thrilled with the level of excitement and engagement!

We are now in the process of developing a solution based on the winning entries. We are continuing to work with the subject matter experts (SMEs) that helped us bring the challenge to life.  Specifically, we are working with engineering teams within GE Inspection Technologies to establish an entry point for the compression algorithm within the inspection software workflow.

How is that coming along? Most of the winning entries, and therefore our approach, were built off  ROI-based compression (region of interest). The ROI detection process is currently being done manually, but this needs to be automated via an intelligent algorithm.

As development continues, we are considering a quicker challenge (a lightning challenge?) that would focus on an ROI detection algorithm. Would you participate?


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