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Catching up with @Deborah for our update the Consistent Images Tool, the product coming out of the On-Wing Engine Inspection Challenge. For a bit of background, Deborah serves at the product manager, making sure everyone has the information they need to get their part of the job done. Since our last update, the team have visited CTEC twice for testing. CTEC is GE Aviation’s Customer Technical Education Center. From those visits we are testing prototypes in real jet engines (as opposed to just the combustion chamber section we had before) to get as close to a real world inspection process as possible.    During one of those visits we traveled with the mechanical design team. Most notably we made sure we could put the tool in, gather consistent images images and safely retrieve the tool! As Deborah puts it, “Your first real world product tests can have tons of unforeseen challenges. In the case of a jet engine, if something gets stuck inside, you can’t just take the engine apart to get it out. So making sure all equipment, even in the  prototyping stage, makes it back out is crucial!” So what’s next? We are continuing to iterate to make the tool more user friendly. Our biggest challenge? We are reviving discussions around the optical solution for capturing the consistent images. We’d love your input as we think through a larger field of view, measurement, and fitting everything though the tiny inspection port! Learn more and join in here!
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