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Today the Fuse community celebrates the winners of the Consistent Images Jet Engine Inspection Design Challenge. With 48 forward thinking and innovative entries, it was an extremely difficult decision process. Congratulations to the winners: First Place: @arifan and his team Arfi'an Fuadi's domain expertise are Mechanical Designing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). He the founder of DTECH-ENGINEERING, a small design engineering team located in Salatiga, Indonesia. His passions are solving problems and inventing. I love learning new things, collaborating with others who have various domains of expertise, and gaining new experiences, which we do every day at DTECH-ENGINEERING. My vision is to invent and solve as many problems in the world as possible, so my life can benefit global communities. My hobbies are building new teams to connect with and fishing.  What our Judges had to say: This team created unique solutions to each of the different elements of the challenge. They presented interesting technology and solutions which were well thought through and down to very specific design details. They explained why they did (or didn't) choose a certain design and how to implement, including material specifications and performance limits. The use of multi-axis controllable flexible cables, modular cameras with image processing, and a method to locate the camera within the engine, resulted in a strong entry with exciting potential for product development. Second Place: @infocentrousmajac and his teammate Victoria Rafael Juarez Lugo has a B.S. in Biochemical and Biomechanical Engineering with over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace and Military Aircraft Industry. Around 2008, he opened his own engineering firm and in late 2015, I opened Infocentro, which has become a center of design and software development for customers in Latin America and the US. His personal interests are the continuous and dependable innovation of practical items that are useful to the end customer...and fast motorcycles! Victoria Blanco Amezcua has a B.S. degree in Engineering Sciences from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. She has a work history in structural engineering and design is proficient in 3D solid modeling. At Infocentro, she has applied her previous experience with electronics and structural design to tackle several projects within the company from telecommunications to aerospace and oil & gas industries. She am a hard worker who enjoys continuous challenges and learning experiences. What our Judges had to say: This team's submission was quite creative, and used a novel technique of a helical track to move a camera through the inspection area. The transport method allowed for 360° view using only a one lens system which saves space and makes for a simpler system. Each technical challenge was clearly identified along with the design element which provided a solution; this allowed us to see how the pieces fit together to solve the challenge. Third Place: @debashish090992 Debashish was raised in India. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering, he joined DENSO Haryana Private Limited, which is a subsidiary of DENSO Japan. His interests include reading mystery novels, test driving new cars and cooking. His life mission is to contribute in any way to society, using his learning and knowledge, and put in his best efforts towards helping the people of his country. What our Judges had to say: Debashish's entry presented a novel way of approaching the problem using an entry system that implicitly provided consistency between images. The entry was well thought out and detailed. The specifications of each mechanical component was included with nearly complete design details. It was obvious that he had deep dived into the problem and come up with a solution that has good potential.  Fourth Place: @cquintero Cristhian is an aeronautical engineer from Bogotá, Colombia, who graduated from the university of San Buenaventura. His experience relies on the aeronautical maintenance field, working in the quality control process and currently in the engineering department of an aviation company. He loves to design new concepts, which is why he has been attracted to Local Motors and Fuse. He is an enthusiast of ornithology and married to an environmental engineer that taught him to care about the planet. What our Judges had to say: This entry built upon the concept of an articulating robot to move freely through the engine. The solution suggested the addition of multiple sensor to enhance the inspection data which was novel, as well as defining how to process the images to create a complete Fourth Place: @knut Christian Oekermann is a 33-year-old mechanical engineer from Bremen, Germany. After several years of employment as a professional researcher in the fields of robotics, electric mobility and lightweight structures he decided to work as a freelancer to be more effective in developing new technologies. To gain new knowledge, he works on his own projects in the field of manufacturing, mobility and related fields. All project results are published under open-source license CC-BY 4.0 (free to copy, modify and sell) to support the development of these technologies. You can learn more about his work here. What our Judges had to say: Christian's entry was strong and contained intriguing novel concepts. His entry solved the problem of consistency by using a combination of clever mechanical design and novel materials. His entry was very detailed and complete, addressing each of the issues that were brought up in the challenge. Over all it was very valuable addition to our pool of entries and was a pleasure to evaluate.  We congratulate these winners, celebrate in their success, and hope you will join us as we continue to collaborate with brilliant minds around the world to solve meaningful technical challenges. 
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