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Medibus is a cargo drone particularly aimed to carry out medical-cargo delivery missions in hostile environments. Its salient features are a waterproof and extra-tough body that helps protect the cargo from any external damages. It is capable of VTOL assisted by 4 vertical thrust rotors. The special feature of these rotors is that when the drone switches to conventional forward flight mode, the  propellers and motors will not create any extra drag as they are made to fit inside the fuselage and wings. This helps to avoid any drag due to exposed stationary propellers. The forward thrust is provided by two ducted fan units fit at the aft side of the fuselage. The ducted fans provide higher thrust as compared to open propellers of the same diameter. The structure and skin are made of CFRP and ABS plastic that provide excellent strength at extremely low weight and excellent temperature resistance. The design is made modular so that the length of non of the parts exceeds 2 m. Payload, avionics and structural components have been accurately placed to provide static stability at 8% static margin. This renders the aircraft stable during gusts and disturbances to normal flight. The high mounted wing and low center of gravity further improves the stability of the system. In case of emergencies such as power failure, there is a provision of parachute to be deployed to prevent any casualties as well as damage to the payload. Easy sliding underbelly payload bay aids in extremely easy and quick removal and installation. The design is made with major parts being detachable and easy to reassemble. Hatches are provided for electronic compartment which helps you to change the batteries without opening the entire fuselage. Transparent removable nose cowl aids in easy removal and maintenance of the camera. Medibus is aimed to carry out the toughest and most hostile missions while having the advantage of being easily operated by the novice user. The low noise, low drag, low weight configuration of Medibus makes it a perfect fit for the stated problem statement requirements. Battery: We are using off the shelf LiPo batteries. These batteries are Ultra high energy NMC batteries manufactured by KOKAM that have an energy density of 265 Wh/kg. Since the energy density of LiPo cells decreases when they are assembled into a pack, we have made calculations in the frame sheet considering 250 Wh/kg. We will be using two 12S 12000 mah LiPo packs connected in parallel. The resulting combination will give a 12S 24000 mah battery capable of running the motors that we have specified for a one way flight having the desired flight time. The weight of a single cell is 0.172 kg. Therefor two 12S batteries which will comprise of 24 cells will weigh 0.172*24 = 4.128 kg. The weight section in the frame sheet shows that Medibus is capable of carrying a 4.128 kg battery while carrying a 5 kg payload. The detailed specifications and calculations for the battery will be uploaded in our design report which will be coming up soon.
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