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Idea for the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge Project

Entry: Delivery Swing-Role Quadcruiser - QuadriposAir (Airbus Employee)

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Overview for Delivery Swing-Role Quadcruiser - QuadriposAir (Airbus Employee)

The aim of our study was to create a swing role capable drone that can simply change different scenario. It was achieved by a quick release plate under the wing with defined interface connection points to the specific payload modules. It works just like plug and play can swing role from a delivery service to a grappler or police within seconds to fulfill the mission. The adoptable payload is designed to deliver a payload of 5kg on maximum distance of 100km which covers all major rural areas for delivery services across the world The QuadriposAir can be equipped with a grabbler module for high risk recovery missions by supporting ground crews with in air view and supply support such as sample collection in contaminated areas or removal of barricades with its crane function. The most advanced payload module for air surveillance and reconnaissance missions is equipped with state of the art electronics which provides all relevant digital information required to support police and military ground operation missions in rural areas. This wide field of potential mission scenarios via different payload modules provides a large range for potential customer acquisition and moreover creates future business cases for upcoming in-service modular payload kits. The goal is to create a market for all sorts of modules where the customer can pick their needs depending their budgets. As the platform can be sold relatively cheap, the modular based payload concepts gives the possibility for various business cases.
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