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The A100 is basically a fuselage with one cruising propeller in the rear and two identical sets of wings with two lifting propeller each. Wings are located near the opposite ends of the fuselage to allow stability in vertical and horizontal flight. Wings have high AR (16) for better aerodynamic performance and low drag. Wings have an effective portion (meant for lifting) and a non-effective portion (doesn’t contribute to lift, see next paragraph). Effective wing span (around 2m) and total effective wing surface (approx. 1 m2), two of the most important variables, are defined to comply with the parameters calculated by the spreadsheet. At the end of each wing there is an engine-propeller unit. This choice of location provides improved structural resistance for the wing. There are four lifting engine-propeller units, each one protected by a rim integral to the wing. The propeller rim provides user protection as well. The rim, propeller and engine are not considered as effective in creating lifting to simplify calculations. Front wings have ailerons and rear wings have elevators. At the tip of each wing there is a winglet. The front wings winglets are fixed while the rear wings winglets are ruddervators (responsible for direction and attitude). Electric actuators are inside the wings at each side of the moveable surfaces. Wings are structured with two rods (leading and trailing edge spars) and reinforced by ribs in regular intervals. The fuselage was defined to be as short as possible to decrease body weight and yet present harmonic appearance for the drone. Biggest loads (battery and payload) stay in the middle section of the fuselage and the centered mass gives increased stability. Battery is in the upper section of the fuselage and payload is in the belly, which is a project requirement. The loaded drone weights a little south of 25kg, with a payload of a little south of 4kg. The payload is taken in a plastic container, which is the lid of the drone belly. A sensor package can be loaded, which carries a thermometer, an altimeter, a GPS, a camera and a sensor computer and hard drive to store reconnaissance data. Sensors are installed in the lower surface of the payload drawer and face down during flight. The sensor package weights around 4kg. The front portion of the fuselage holds moveable cameras (protected by a plastic globe) and the avionics package, per requirement by the ignition kit. The rear end of the fuselage holds the cruising engine and propeller. The antenna is located in the front portion, too. Fuselage internal structure is made of rods and plaques in areas where wings are attached. Reinforcement ribs are present in regular intervals. The A100 fuselage, wings and internal structure are made of composite materials. This is necessary to maintain the weight below maximum required by specs and also to withstand the required wing loading (25kg/m2). Epoxy-aramid and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) are the materials of choice due to low specific weight and improved resistance. Assorted parts are made of light wood where resistance is not an issue, also to allow low weight. The skin of the entire drone body is made of 0.75 to 1.25mm thick composite sheet material. The surface has smooth finishing for low drag. Painting and adhesive decorations are kept to the minimum necessary. Since the drone is designed to take off and land vertically, there are no wheels. Landing gear is comprised of four rods with rubber tips. The drone has detachable parts and is fully assembled in one hour time by two persons using common hand tools. All the parts fit in two foam lined boxes which can be carried by two persons. Parts are: fuselage body, four wings with engines and propellers, cruising propeller, spare parts, tool kit, battery, battery charger. The payload drawer is carried in the fuselage belly. To move the drone, the two boxes are taken by a small load trailer towed by any type of automobile or on the top rack of bigger cars. A small gas propelled power generator (around 1,000W) is necessary to charge the batteries in the field, where a common electricity outlet is not available. This generator is carried in the car trunk. Battery charging time is around 1 hour. The control laptop and associated radio gear goes in the vehicle, too. Engines, propellers and batteries are chosen among the models and manufacturers suggested by the requirements sheet. Their power, size and weight parameters, among others, are loaded into the spreadsheet. The ‘MND’ acronym of the A100 comes from the ancient ‘Meganeura’ genus of giant dragonflies, which had a wingspan of 70cm, 300 million years ago. The A100 geometry is loosely inspired by the Meganeura.
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