Idea for the Airbus Cargo Drone Build Project

Idea for the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge Project

Entry: UAMV - Unmanned aerial medical vehicle

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Overview for UAMV - Unmanned aerial medical vehicle

The UAMV cargo drone is based on many years of experience in constructing and building modelplanes and multirotors as well as conceptualizing flying and delta wings and large scale gliders.  This concept is based on a realistic calculation of all components (drives, accus, geometric design of the flying wing) regarding the predefined parameters. It is a VTOL but can also start and land on an airfield (like a normal plane) with the fixed landing gear in the v-tail and the front fin. The material of the aircraft, as well the midsection as the removable wings should be made of prepreg carbonfibers (autoclaved in cnc alloy molds). The removable wings could also be a very lightweight but super rigid spar and ribs construction (cnc milled carbon ribs etc.). We use this concept on our model planes. The joining of the wings could be done with a 30mm Duraluminium tube or CFK spar/strut. Of course the best way would be to build the whole plane (as well the midsection as the detachable wings) out of one mould. Unfortunately there was not enough  time to draw several 3D-models of the complete construction, respectively of the different ideas of the wing construction. The airfoil is also designed to reach the required parameters of an aerodynamical optimized long range flight. We also thought about the alternative of a push drive. Basically the pull drive is more efficient than a pusher drive, but it is difficult for us to make an aerodynamic simulation that shows what would happen, if there arose too much turbulences on the VTO construction behind the wing nose, which came from the airflow of the front propeller. Anyway, in our concept is space for both variations which you can see on the 3D-drawings and renderings. The steering of the plane works like a delta wing (aileron and elevator mixed). We also thought about the possibility to use the hover rotors for the steering of the two axis. But for safety reasons ailerons would probably be the better solution. 
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