visibility_off Designed and Refined. Here are the Winners!

After several months of working through concepts and designs we have come to the close of the Modular Logistics Vehicle Challenges. We were on the hunt for a new concept vehicle. Something different. Something of ultimate functionality. Something easy to use. And something that could take whatever the the U.S. Marines could throw at it without flinching. The Launch Forth Community met that call and produced over 120 different concepts across the two challenges and did a truly amazing job.To all who participated we say, THANK YOU! In spite of so many great submissions, only one winner could be chosen. After much deliberation and discussion, join us in congratulating @saintarnab for winning first place with his beautifully future-forward concept the HAT 2.0.The Hat 2.0 will be making its way into a full scale proof-of-concept build where we will be able to see it up close and personal. We are working on some exciting ways to share the winning designs so stay tuned and keep following the project because we are just getting started. 
1st Place: HAT 2.0 By: saintarnab The HAT gives you infinite possibilities limited only by your imagination. It can be anything you want it to be, because everything is modular in this vehicle. Whether it is increasing or decreasing the wheelbase, changing the number of wheels, or modifying the body-style with its catalog of modules, the HAT 2.0 is ready for the job.  Why it was chosen: The HAT 2.0 was a clear favorite amongst our advisors and judges. Looking past the polished exterior, you will see a system that builds on the strongest points from the winners of the Modular Logistics Vehicle Design Challenge to create a design that meets the needs in all of the best possible ways.
2nd Place: MLV Hunter By:  sagdiyev The MLV Hunter is a thoughtful and effective cab-forward logistics vehicle putting a strong emphasis on modularity and space. It boasts a unique “scissor” mechanism for loading and unloading modules, reducing the required manpower and even allowing the modules to stand on their own.  Why it was chosen:  The MLV Hunter was chosen due partly for the overall vehicle design, which took modularity into account in a very unique way, as well as for the way that it integrated the modules. Its standalone capabilities, the clear ease of operation, and the standardization of the modules all contributed heavily to its high marks. 
3rd Place: Rubix MLV By:  sixten The Rubix is a highly flexible modular system enabling rapid, low effort module reconfiguration by a single person. Easy roll-off units allow bundled assets to be transported closer to field operation targets, and move freely around constrained, hard-to-reach areas.  Why it was chosen: Mix-and-match modularity at every level really earned the Rubix is place on the podium. It is one of the few designs that incorporated modularity into the front cab, and stood out from other submissions by its lightweight modules and approach to swap-ability. The funky design didn’t hurt either.   JUDGES' FAVORITES These designs stood out to the Judges through their novel approaches and features. Packhorse.png PackHorse 3D 2.0By: Cristian_F The Packhorse returns in its second iteration as a Judges' favorite. @Christian_F created two versions, both incorporating improved modular systems. The Packhorse 3D boasts an additively manufactured chassis, which makes great use of space. 
TROOPER 2.0By: buCARsa The Trooper is a beautiful design that looks like a large semi-truck, but at a smaller scale. Not only was the loading system well executed, but @bucarsa did a great job with the layouts of the modules and uses the space well. Atlas.png ATLAS MLVBy: amadeus The Atlas was a popular design, with a fantastic degree of customizability. With a modifiable frame and lightweight panels, @amadeus made it easy to change modules or create new ones that can meet any task.
Terrier MLVBy: carlosfuentes The Terrier is the most utilitarian of the MLV: Refined winners. @Carlosfuentes uses a winch and rail system, along with open modules that make swapping modules incredibly easy. This creates limitless possibilities of how the modules could be used.
Voinic V2By: gabi_hantig @Gabi_hantig created a beautiful second version his winning design for the Modular Logistics Vehicle Design Challenge, the Voinic. Building on his earlier design with new lighter weight pieces and beautiful slotted modules, the Voinic V2 merges utility and style in one great package. ----- Join us in congratulating these amazing entries by commenting below!

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