visibility_off 5 of the Most Technologically Advanced Wallets

1. Cashew Cashew is a GPS-enabled smart wallet that can be accessed by using your fingerprint. This wallet is scratch and waterproof! It also connects your phone’s GPS so you can track it if you lose it. 2. Walli Similar to Cashew, the owner can track the wallet in case it’s lost. This sophisticated wallet will remember which card you put in its slot and will let you know if it’s missing if the card is not returned within a certain time. Walli is also RFID-protected. 3. Ekster Wallet What makes the Ekster Wallet unique is that you can insert multiple credit cards. All you need to do is press a button and your credit cards will pop up. No need to jam your credit cards after using it! 4. Pitaka Pitaka is the perfect wallet for those looking for a minimalist style. This wallet has a number of layers where you can store cards, keys, and even bottle openers! These layers are held together by magnets and can fan the layers out so you can easily access your cards or items. 5. Wocket Wocket is probably the most advanced smart wallet in this list. This wallet comes in two parts: a physical card and a touch screen device where you can scan and choose which card to use. All you need to do to store your credit card is to swipe it on the device and it will save your information. You can store up to 10,000 cards which you can easily choose by using the device! As you can see, smart wallets are advancing which may make it more convenient for people to use. Do you have an idea of a device that could help people manage their spendings? Launch Forth is currently running an IoT Wallet challenge and we’re giving away $1,000 to winners with the best idea. Click here to enter now! Challenge ends November 13, 2017
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