visibility_off 8 Innovative Sporting Mobility Devices that are Inspiring Us

The market for accessible sports equipment is filled with products that can help athletes jump higher, move faster, and rotate in previously unattainable ways. New product designs are being developed everyday to expand the possibilities for athletes who are also handicapped. As we explore different product design possibilities in our new Allianz Adaptive Sports Category, we want to provide you with some inspiration! The following is a list of some of our favorite mobile sporting equipment designs: 1. The WISB Handbike This innovative bike is made for users that have impaired leg-functions but still want to take long-distance rides. The Handbike, has articulated front wheel for speed and flexibility. 2.The Urban Wheelchair This wheelchair uses sleek design and functionality to let the user seamlessly go from a sitting to an elevated position. It’s functionality makes it perfect for any sport that requires the athlete to go to a standing position in a quick manner. 3. NEWS Wheelchair The NEWS is a detachable device that can provide motored functions and driving capabilities to any wheelchair. We could see this motorized attachment as being great for sports such as field hockey and basketball or other future sports that require speed and agility. 4.Velo Modular Handcycle The Velo Modular Handcycle is a comprehensive mobility device that allows people with limited leg functions to guide their way around the athletic field with precision and ease. 5.CTC 41 Wheelchair A 3D printed wheelchair that is lightweight enough for flying through the air and functionally sound enough to do so without doing damage to the device? Sounds like an invention made for the most extreme of sports! 6.The Zenith Wheelchair This mobility device can conquer all types of terrain making it perfect for athletic competitions in the forest or mountains. 7.Roll.Charge.Light.Protect Wheelchair The title of this product says it all! Using magnets and energy from the spinning wheels, this wheelchair has wheels that light up at night and provide safety for those athletic challenges that stretch past sundown. 8.Leveraged Freedom Chair This adaptive wheelchair can travel faster and has more safety features than any other athletic mobility device on the market. It is also designed with inexpensive materials so as to make it affordable to those in developing countries. What are some of the coolest features you saw in these examples? Can you see any opportunities for expansion in any of these products? We want to hear your ideas:

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