visibility_off Admin and Construction module "skeletons" nearly done


The difficult part of the build (the functional insides and the framework) are nearly done for the HAT 2.0 Construction and Administrative modules!

Here's the latest construction module:




And the Administrative module (with a practice chair holding the space for the real bucket seats):


Some random updates and notes, in no particular order:

  • We've used aluminum t-slots for the cab interiors so that they are easily adaptable to meet future needs.
  • We've ordered Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle lights for the headlights, which we'll cut in half for either side of the platform. That way, we can achieve the original HAT 2.0 look without the bulk of a typical car headlight (which would push the front fender far out past the vehicle body).
  • Speaking of the front fender, it will be a major 3DP part so FATHOM is doing a small test print before they print the entire thing. 
  • Sourcing a steering column was a real challenge, so FATHOM will be making their own in-house. The gas and brake pedals will each have a 4-point linkage mechanism, which will sit on either side of the steering column. They'll have slip pins in the middle of the columns so that the modules can be swapped.
  • The hot wire cutter arrives tomorrow, so that we can precision cut the insulation that will sit between the interior and exterior ABS panels. The insulation will act both to moderate temperature and as structural support for the 0.25"-thick ABS that will inevitably be exposed to very hot and sunny desert environments. Here's a picture of the insulation, marked up and ready to be cut:


We're just waiting for the last few parts to arrive-- woodworking bench, decals, ABS paneling (who knew that we are having a shortage of ABS in California!?). Then we will lay everything out on the floor and snap it all together. (We'll film one of those cool "bumblebee" videos so that you can follow along, too!) We'll also be wiring the electrical and hydraulics lines at this time. 

So check back in next week, there will be lots to share!


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