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For those of you who missed our live Q&A session with the Air Force Cargo Transporter co-pilots here is the recorded session with some of your questions answered below. @Nowbreakit and @NemoDesigns walk through their example entry: where they utilize Local Motor's Olli to concept their tool transportation vehicle.

Q: I don't want to contribute something in my name that is perhaps not reliable enough and leads to an injury. Isn't that something you're concerned with?

A: This challenge is specifically focused on a concept design only! In product development, vehicle concepts would go through numerous rounds of engineering and reviews prior to any large scale manufacturing. Please rest assured that any concepts you submit to this challenge would not get to the flight line without numerous checks from subject matter experts. 


Q: There was an example entry put up. Can you go into more context, there was very little on the entry itself.

A: As @nowbreakit and @NemoDesigns expand and work on their entry, they will be putting up inspiration, videos and audio of them working on the project! Follow along with them here: 


Q: Does the design need to be able to carry and store replacement parts? For instance, like an engine?

A: We've included lists of different parts and tools that it would carry within the requirements to help you plan your design. Most parts and tools it would carry would not be as heavy as an aircraft engine.


Q: Who owns my design after I submit it? Do I get any money if they continue to use it?

A:  It's important to review terms and conditions when entering the challenge as these can change challenge to challenge. We urge you make sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions of this challenge, which can be found on the requirements page, before entering the challenge. You can also always reach out to us directly via chat if you have additional questions on the T&C's.


Q: Is there some way to facilitate teaming up, because the timeline is pretty short (and the subject matter is pretty broad)?

A: There is! You can read all about how to team up in this blog:


Q: The example entry is a version of Olli-- must my entry also be a version of Olli?

A: Not at all! As long as your entry is an autonomous vehicle and complies with the requirements: it will be considered valid.

Use this link to download the presentation Nemo and Sam went over in the live Q&A: Air Force Visual Explanations.pdf

Don't forget that you still have through the validation period to update your entry. As long as you have a placeholder in by October 8th you will be able to continue to edit your entry through October 15th! 

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