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Today, we are extremely excited to share with you the winners of our HP Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Challenge. With over 300 entries, we saw 3D models from all aspects of the Red Planet: infrastructure, vehicles, parks, and even clothing! The amount of effort you have collectively put into the HP Mars Home Planet projects thus far is inspiring.

NOW- we give you the winners!Civil Engineering AwardAthena - A City on Mars (Architectural Design) by logeshksaThis sleek design shows a city separated by pods each designed for a specific purpose: technology, inspirations, literature study, hazards, psychology, design, architecture and site. The model is well detailed and thought-out. Click the entry link above to see more!Judge’s comment:“Winning entry Athena – presented a holistic vision for a city of one million habitats. The expandable infrastructure gave potential for growth and future change.”- Darlene Lim

Architecture Design AwardMARTROPOLIS by Willzhu and Junru_TaoThis stunning architectural design shows a domed city connected and supported in the center by a winding pillar which is also outfitted for clubs, restaurants, and other amenities. Check out the entry to see the eye-popping designs.Judge’s comment:“Martropolis is a unique perspective on live and work spaces of the future.  The drone lighting feature was also an interesting and thought-provoking solution.”- Studio Libeskind

Industrial Design AwardSCV (Solar Field Construction Vehicle) by nerwalgsThe SCV isn’t your average autonomous vehicle. This device constructs solar fields to generate electricity for the Red Planet, thus providing  a solution for energy generation on Mars.Judge’s comment:“SCV is simple, beautiful and functional. Hallmarks of good industrial design!”- Sanjay Vijendran

Vehicle Design AwardDune Runner/ Multi Purpose Transport System by igoqThis vehicle design is quite impressive, indeed. The Dune Runner is outfitted with protective gear on both the outer shell and motor to protect from even the most harsh of weather conditions. It also has a hefty cargo bed and geological research tools for work on the Red Planet.Judge’s comment:“A virtuoso design interpretation of transport over the Martian landscape. Life on Mars doesn’t need to be all work, but can include play.”- Studio Libeskind

Mechanical Engineering AwardShielding and Harnessing energy from Mars Dust-Storms by HembramoneThe mechanical engineering award was given to this design of turbines meant to produce energy from dust storms on Mars. Not only is the idea practical, but the designs are plausible and functionally sound.Judge’s comment:"The combination of a harsh environment and the reduced gravity of Mars creates unique requirements for mechanical engineering.   I found the solutions presented in this category inspiring."- Chris deFaria

3D Art AwardMartian settlement by alde531In this exquisite design, we see cities built in hallowed river beds on Mars surface. These winding cities are complete with apartments, roads, and enclosed areas for plants and vegetation. Click the entry link to see this beautiful design.

Interior Design AwardAlgi_The Green Million City by nachomartin1Algi is  a no-waste city protected by membrane containing algae and water. It’s interior is flush with vegetation which serves to provide healthy lifestyles among residents.Judge’s comment:Winning entry Algae City: Presents a remarkable vision of the future habitation with a dizzying array of technology meets biology. Interior features, such as cladding roof with translucent living materials, make this proposal inspiring.- Darlene Lim

Community AwardsMARS MMR by yanmouniThe Mars Ranger by MathewOLong Range Universal Platform by 600v

Launch Forth would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all those who participated in the challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for the final phase of HP Mars Home Planet project- coming soon!


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