visibility_off And the winners of the Elevated Mobility Concept Design Challenge are....

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Elevated Mobility Concept Design Challenge. Our judges were incredibly impressed with all of the entries and asked us to give all of you who entered the highest regards for your innovative ideas and concepts. Learn more about our judges for this challenge in this blog.

Check out our winners and what the judges had to say about their entries:

FIRST PLACE: Equalizer T-X4 by @BuCARsa

“Well designed car like mobility device, design seems to be optimized for carbon fibre.” - Marcel Jung

“The equalizer is for me very promising, because it does not appeal like a handicapped device, yet is not complicated or over engineered in looks and seems to have the right visual human scale.” - Murat Günak

SECOND PLACE: Proton - Enduro Racing Concept by @Cosmotech“I like that this design allows you to go offroad and specifically that it looks fun to go downhill but at the same time, it is well thought out mechanism to go uphill. The Proton design looks very futuristic.” - Annika Zeyen

“Proton is a bit complicated in the style language but the charm is the complete redesign of a body shape. No reminiscences at all to any known device.” - Murat Günak

MOST INNOVATIVE: T.flex Leaning Bike by @siavashjafarijozani“This is a very innovative idea and not something I have seen before but something I would love to try right away!! I love that this provides real accessibility to off-road/extreme sports and that the design considers different seating positions depending on the person's impairment. This is my clear winner!” - Annika Zeyen

“Excellent work in catering to the needs of a wide range of athletes. Clearly explained CAD. Interesting rear wheel design. " - Calvin Williams

MOST ORIGINAL: DART by @SpeKterDesn and @vasilatos_ianis“Smart, compact and promising design for fibre composite, strong lightweight design will support agility.” - Marcel Jung“Dart is a result of a  enthusiast design team and expresses a design of confidence for confident users! Full of speed and forward push. Great idea for the comfort and sport position. Clear architecture and emotional design.” - Murat Günak

MOST FEASIBLE: DART by @SpeKterDesn and @vasilatos_ianis“This entry is lightweight with a stable front end and drive train in the back. Lever system is unique to this type of ride and carbon fiber allows for lightness.” - Victor Calise

MOST FUTURE FORWARD: Bi.Xr - Smart Self-Balancing Vehicle by @gbodesign, @jonashub and @LeoZago“Great idea! I love that the Bi.Xr allows the user to go off road whilst it is still very practical. It's weight is not too heavy and the the fact it can be easily dismantled and reassembled without the need for specialist tools is awesome! A great advantage over many other designs is that it can be easily transported in a regular car." - Annika Zeyen

“This entry is is small and compact, easy to transfer to and portable. Smart design using the drivetrain to charge the system.” - Victor Calise

COMMUNITY VOTE: Proton - Enduro Racing Concept by @Cosmotech"Awesome! Very well designed product. Some realistic proposals and exceptional CAD rendering work. I think it deserved its’ award due to the level of work done by the designers and the truly flexible and multidisciplinary nature of the ideas set forth." - Calvin Williams

We know all of you put a lot of time and work into your entry and we want to give a big congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thank you to all community members who entered the challenge!

If you are looking to participate in another challenge, check out our Dynamic Form Lifestyle Device Challenge that is live now!


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