visibility_off And the Winners of the Modular Logistics Vehicle Concept Design Challenge Are ...

We were on the hunt for a new concept vehicle - one designed to meet four different and unique use cases. After less than six weeks, we received ninety-one brilliant entries from you, the amazing Launch Forth Community Members. As usual, the entries exceeded our expectations -- and those of the US Marine Corps - bravo to all who participated! But like any contest, there can only be one first place winner. So join us in congratulating @vasilatos_ianis for winning first place with his visionary concept of SLOG. This is not the first time we’ve seen a design from the talented @vasilatos_ianis take home the top prize. Three years ago, his stunning designs won the LM Cruiser Design Challenge 1st Place: SLOG by: vasilatos_ianis About the concept: The Slog is a 6-wheeled electrically powered support vehicle. The primary goal of the design was to create something that was easy to manufacture, simple to maintain, compact but capable of storing plenty of cargo, and of course fast. Why it was chosen: The SLOG was chosen for a number of reasons. Its design was unique and provided an intuitive understanding of modularity. Its use of simple and lightweight materials showed clear thought into how it might be used and the demonstration of use cases really helped to show its capabilities. 2nd Place: VOINIC by: gabi_hantig About the concept: The Voinic is another 6-wheeled vehicle with heavy emphasis placed on simplicity and feasibility of the modules. The modules can easily be swapped out as boxes or open frames, creating a quick and easy system for shifting functionality on base. Why it was chosen: The module design of the Voinic really helped it stand out. Creating a system with variable module lengths in simple 1m, 2m, or 3m standards combined with the easy loading process made it a very strong entry. ? Judges’ Favorites The Judge’s Favorite category was a way for us to award entries that had qualities that stood out to the judges but maybe didn’t score as high as others for one reason or another. The Ugly Muleby: bret The Ugly Mule had a fantastic mix and match approach to modularity with a single rail system for the chassis. It was very well thought out in its approach to use cases and modular linkages. While not the prettiest, The Ugly Mule makes for an excellent concept. Packhorse Open Source Platform 3dby: Cristian_F The Packhorse takes the form of a more traditional vehicle, but the use of a 3d printed chassis and a broad modular system that utilizes the length of the entire vehicle worked well. LEMVby: Tom_Sazonov The LEMV is small and lightweight and made great use of space by implementing a customizable rail system with straps to easily tie down cargo or attach additional elements for laptop stands or other equipment. Universal Basic Vehicleby: brennanmetcalf The Universal Basic Vehicle did a fantastic job at using an extruded aluminum frame with holes for easy mounting and clear customizability. Its design is very reminiscent of an Erector or Lego Technic set. Modus MLVby: LULU By creating a driverless vehicle, the Modus is able to provide ultimate modular versatility that can use the vehicles entire space. Using a classic and simple design language the Modus looks like it belongs on base. ----- Join us in offering deep appreciate for these amazing entries by commenting below! And congratulations to all the winners!

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