visibility_off Announcing the winners of the Island EV Challenge

You’ve done it! You’ve reached the finish line for the Island EV Challenge. Congratulations on all of the hard work and collaboration that you’ve put into this project. Our judges were overwhelmed by the amount of creativity, detail, and overall effort that was put into each submission.

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the Island EV Challenge...


1st Place: ISLA

By: Rucio

ISLA is an all-encompassing vehicle built for all types of island lifestyles. It’s sleek design includes relaxing bench-style seating atop a quadricycle frame made from recycled materials. It boasts interchangeable parts, an electric battery, and the possibility to 3D print components for repairs and replacements. Overall, the vehicle is designed to take on any type of island terrain or activity.

Judge’s Quote:

“Stunning. Hands down thoughtful and realistic but very forward leaning. Sheds what is unnecessary in todays cars and holds what is needed for island mobility.”
-Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LM Industries


2nd Place: Olli lite

By: Zeesh

Olli lite is an adaptation of an earlier Launch Forth challenge design, The Olli. Equipped with an advanced user interface, this vehicle truly allows riders to have full control over their riding experience. Olli lite also has a wide array of possible use-cases, as it can be used for taxiing tourists, leisure rides along the coast, or exciting off road excursions.

Judge’s Quote:

“This vehicle has a very clear story about how the end user would use the concept, which seems plausible and exciting.”
-Kevin Ketchum, Lead Digital Modeler - Senior Industrial Designer - Virtual Reality Specialist


3rd Place: AVATAR

By:  vasilatos_ianis

AVATAR is both a structurally and mechanically sound machine. It’s 3D printed frame is fastened together by steel welds, filling out a structure that is both sturdy and safe for riders. Don’t ever worry about running out of battery with this vehicle either, as the battery can be charged by both flexible rooftop solar panels and EV charging stations. The AVATAR is truly built to handle any type of terrain or island adventure.

Judge’s Quote:

“Brilliant entry! I can imagine this in use now.”
-Sean Cresswell, Design Engineer at NZM Group


4th Place: ISLANDER

By:  Peter_s

The ISLANDER is a reliable vehicle design that provides ample storage space, an electric system supported by solar panels, and the ability to stay functional even if two of the four motors (per wheel) are broken down. The vehicle also provides multiple entertainment and leisure options for riders, such as speakers embedded into the roof and an open-body design that let’s passengers view the island from every angle.

Judge’s Quote:

“This vehicle offers maximum comfort and style while also including safety features that are sure to make any trip a safe one.”
-Jason Myers, Project Manager at Launch Forth


Community Vote: livE island

By: Cristian_F

“A simple design that offers a sleek feel with separate components for all types of island lifestyles.”
-Jason Myers, Project Manager at Launch Forth


Community Vote & Solid Edge Bonus Award: Turtle Tuk

By: simongardiner

“Instead of providing an idea for a personal vehicle, this designer gave us insight from more of a public-transit view by creating a durable taxi for island use. A great idea.”
-Jason Myers, Project Manager at Launch Forth


We would also like to recognize and congratulate the following entries for their superior work as shown by their Siemens Solid Edge CAD files: Gladys Mobility María Concept, Island Cafe, and The Model I:

The Model I

By: Bearon

A special award to the designer of Model I for his use of Solid Edge and demonstrating a key product differentiator, such as the ease of importing multiple non-native parts and leveraging them to develop a unique design.

Gladys Mobility María Concept

By: EdwinJimenez

Who really demonstrated tremendous effort in his use of Solid Edge.  Designing every part in Solid Edge, and demonstrating the benefit of synchronous technology to rapidly design parts, his use of the materials selection feature, and overall creativity.

Island Cafe

By: Bret

For use of synchronous technology and Keyshot rendering, which is so important in presenting work to prospects and customers.


Launch Forth and Siemens would both like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the free version of Siemens Solid Edge Launch Forth Community Edition HERE! Keep your eyes on our site for more exciting challenges coming soon.

Join us in congratulating these amazing entries by commenting below


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