visibility_off Autonomous for All of Us - Winners!

Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for: the day that we announce the winners of our Autonomous for All of Us Challenge! We want to begin by thanking everyone who put time and effort into this project. The ideas generated were not only innovative and well-designed, but they also came about in a very collaborative manner. Without further wait, we give you the winners of the Autonomous for All of Us Challenge. LM_Facebook_Autonomous-for-All-Challege2.png Best Overall Entry Olli for All by ilel Our pick for the top prize goes to Olli for All by Ilel! This proposal shows a comprehensive plan on how technology can be used to solve most accessibility issues. Using an Olli Watch, Olli Earbuds, and an Olli App, riders are able to both call an Olli vehicle and be directed to their seat upon arrival. The Olli vehicle would also be equipped with interior and exterior screens, a ramp, and a personal assistant. To read more about this idea, click HERE. Mobility Track 1st Place Adapting Olli by Christian_F Adapting Olli is a design idea that solves many accessibility challenges through a smartphone app. The rider is able to specify his or her individual needs and order an Olli through the app. Meanwhile, an AI system will rearrange the seating and accessibility needs of that rider on the way to pick him or her up. To check out more details behind this project, click HERE. 2nd Place The Universal Chair by Lude Vision Track 1st Place : Ollix by Ajay The Ollix is an all-encompassing design aimed at guiding the disabled directly from home to pick-up spot to an open seat on Olli. Using a bluetooth headset, a guide walking-stick, and a smartphone app, Ollix is meant to provide a unique and helpful experience to all riders. Check out more facets of this design by clicking HERE. 2nd Place Feel the Touch by mandita Hearing Track 1st Place Pragmatic Approach to Accessibility for Deaf-Blind or Deaf Traveler by WAD_CAT This design idea takes into account all facets of Olli that could potentially be used to enhance the experience of those who are blind or deaf. Olli would be equipped with a built-in assistive listening system as well as a rider information system. To see more details on this design, click HERE. 2nd Place Feel the Touch by mandita Cognitive Track 1st Place Olli Plus Aid by eddie_mauro The Olli Plus Aid is an idea meant to assist the disabled in their Olli experience through human intervention. A collaborative group of volunteers and social workers would be gathered to offer complimentary services and assistance with boarding and exiting Olli. This creates a very communal and welcoming feel during the ride. To read more about this brilliant idea, click HERE. 2nd Place Whitepaper : Improving Accessibility on the Olli by Zorro and NoxPardalis Community Award This award goes to the design that was voted highest overall by our community. Adapting Olli by Christian_F Innovation Awards The following challenge entries were chosen as winners for this category because of their innovative and impactful ideas. Click the links to check out the in-depth details of each design. Olli AiR by calvinkimkim Ezy Ingress by GTR The Next Olli 2030 by dongwonkim and hwshin1996 S-SYS by CristinaFlr OlliCOM by robohepcat and einsteinunicorn Thanks again to everyone who competed in this challenge. For more opportunities to design for accessibility, check out our Robots 4 Humanity Challenge going on right now!

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