visibility_off Clean the Plastic from Our Oceans - Rapid Ideation Contest Winner!

Launch Forth
This past month, we wrapped up yet another of our Rapid Ideation Contests on our social media pages. We asked you to come up with ideas on how we can best clean the plastic from our oceans. The responses we received not only included incredible designs, but also detailed plans on how to tackle such a large-scale problem. In the end, our judges were impressed the most by a product design that is both scalable and plausible to deploy around the world. August Rapid Ideation Contest Winner Congratulations to the winner of our August Rapid Ideation Contest: Elton D'souza! Elton has proposed designing a floating, rotating pole quipped with branches of nylon mesh bags to collect the trash. The small pod would harness energy from water currents to not only move through these bodies of water, but also to rotate and create a small gyre. This gyre would then force any close-by debris to be sucked into the mesh bags. Elton's Idea These pods could be mass produced and distributed throughout oceans and rivers worldwide. Because of this, we could see this idea working on a very large scale. Congratulations, again, to Elton. If you'd like your design to be featured in our blog, submit your ideas now to our current Rapid Ideation Challenge on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

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