visibility_off Design Spotlight - ActivEyes Eye Energizer

Launch Forth
In this month's Design Spotlight blog, we're highlighting a brilliant product design that promises to improve ocular health: the ActivEyes Eye Energizer.Activeyes Facebook.pngDesigned in the Netherlands by tech-giant Philips, the ActivEyes Eye Energizer is a one-a-kind tool. The device is built with a soft, silicon massage pad with multi-temperature functions to alleviate certain ocular deficiencies. The Eye Energizer has three functions: refresh, relax, stimulate. The relax function warms the handle up to around 40*C; when placed over each eye for a period of two minutes, the eye energizer relieves muscle tension and prevents dryness. The refresh function uses cooler temperatures to reduce swollen eyes. Finally, the stimulate function gets rid of dark circles by applying both a warm and cold treatment, in addition to a 30-second massage under each eye. When used regularly, these three functions can strengthen your eyes and improve their overall health.Keep an eye out for more Design Spotlight blogs coming soon!

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