visibility_off Design Spotlight : AirSelfie

Launch Forth
For October’s Design Spotlight Blog, we’re going to highlight a product design that will help take your selfie game to new heights: the AirSelfie.Activeyes Facebook.png What is the AirSelfie? According to its website, the AirSelfie can propel itself up to 20 meters in the air to capture photos and videos. It has an anti-shock absorber and 5 MP camera has the ability to improve your selfie game. Weighing only 61g, this pocket-size camera fits into a special phone cover and charger so you can take it with you anywhere! This is the perfect product for you if you take a lot of selfies and get annoyed or tired by constantly holding your arm up. This alternative is also a “cooler” way to take selfies rather than using selfie sticks. You can even use this drone to upload photos directly to your social media! What do you think about the AirSelfie? Keep an eye out for more Design Spotlight Blogs!
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