visibility_off Electric Vehicle Charger - Rapid Ideation Challenge Winner!

Launch Forth
Last month, we celebrated National Drive Electric Week by asking you to design an alternate way to charge electric vehicles. This Rapid Ideation Challenge produced the best designs and ideas yet, as we had over 100 entries submitted. In the end, there can only be one winning design.LF_Social Challenge Certificate_Capi.png Congratulations to Capi Yaminchameseldihn! Capi proposed that cars be outfitted with a system that captures energy using specific chemicals in the exterior paint. The chemicals used to capture energy from the sun and heat are titanium dioxide and glass particles diluted on a resin. This chemical combination would work similar to the way that hot solar cells operate to collect energy. Our judges selected this design idea because of it's resourcefulness, originality, and it's plausibility to be used on a large scale. Be sure to submit your design ideas for our current challenge on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!

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