visibility_off Explaining the Modular Logistics Vehicle Co-creation Plan

Plan_BlogImage.pngThanks to everyone who has been following and participating in the Modular Logistics Vehicle Project. It has been amazing seeing everyones take on what modularity could look like. We are trying new things in this Project that you might have noticed, such as a shorter timeline, lack of a validation, etc. We wanted to outline the plan and answer some questions in the process. TWO CHALLENGES Usually on a project, we run a single Challenge with Submission, Validation, and Judging periods. These segmented periods do work well, but there are many great ideas developed in the early phases of a Challenge that have innovative ideas that embody useful, inspirational facets that we may not have previously considered. To allow these early submissions to take us in new and unexpected directions, we wanted to try something different. For the USMC projects, we are running two Challenges back-to-back: a Design Challenge, immediately followed by a Technical Challenge. The Design Challenge is a concept phase with broad requirements to see what new and fresh ideas you can come up with. We are taking those ideas to the judges, awarding prizes and integrating the best ideas into the requirements for the following Technical Challenge. The Technical Challenge will have greater technical requirements like design files, specific materials and methods, and more detail about the function of the modules. We will also have longer submission and validation periods, and more input from the Co-Pilots. It’s a bigger lift, because in this case...we are going to build it. WHERE IS VALIDATION? The other thing you may have noticed is that Validation is missing in the Design Challenge. By running Challenges in a two-phased approach, we decided to skip Validation and use the Technical Challenge as an opportunity to revise your original designs, while also providing more rewarding opportunities. This appears to have confused more people than was intended, so we will be adding a week of validation back into the timeline. Submissions are still due by Sunday February 11th, but you will now have a week to make adjustments for validation (Monday Feb 12th through Sunday Feb 18th) We hope that clears things up. As always feel free to comment here or ping @austinmiles, @chrisblower, or any of the other project managers. Thank you again. We are really excited by what we are seeing so far. There are only a few days left, so keep designing, good luck-- and as always, Launch Forth.

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