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How do I get involved?  The success of the World Athletic Games​ starts today. Join the project online to help shape the future. It’s fast and easy. Go to and sign up. Then jump into brainstorms, meet other volunteers, and even help design what the main venue will look like. Your voice is a critical part to bringing the World Athletic Games​ to life. Who can participate? Is this open to all Countries and disabilities?  Yes! It is open to all! Where are the venues? T he venues are sprinkled across all of LA county. Are there any new games?   Yes! Add your idea for a new game in the brainstorm section. How can I get tickets?  There is a lottery. More details to follow. Is there a lottery for tickets?  Yes, there is a lottery for tickets. How many tickets are available? We are anticipating having more 5 million tickets available. How many venues will there be?  We are planning to have 15 venues. The largest of the 15  will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as eight events or one per day during the 10-day event and will 25,000 people. Why LA? Los Angeles is truly an all-American city, embodying the spirit necessary to host the first World Athletic Games​.

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